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Honest BTO Enterprise Platform

May '21: Read this letter from Carlos to know more our vision.

What is Honest?

Honest is a tool built to streamline the work of Customer Service agents by providing them with contextual actionable suggestions and shortcuts for their most common tasks.

We seek to help CS teams by combining the empathy and quality of customer experience that only skilled, motivated human agents guarantee with the efficiency and expediency that results from keeping them from wasting their time on repetitive and avoidable tasks.

How does it help CS agents?

Honest is a browser extension that embeds itself into the agent's workspace and works in pursuit of an ultimate goal: to allow them to answer any question or achieve any task necessary for the customer's satisfaction without having to neglect the conversation.

What is the BTO Enterprise Platform?

In addition to specific solutions for verticals like retail, Honest can leverage its powerful, extensible platform for the rapid development of custom solutions for customers, allowing for the creation of specific "use cases" for the needs of agents in call centers and CS teams:

  • Federated search: let the agent perform searches across a variety of sources, from products to promotions or e-learning materials.
  • Errands: natural language commands that perform the most common workflows of the agent
  • Actionable suggestions: transform external events into just-in-time contextual hints for the agent to facilitate upselling, cross-selling and other opportunities.
  • CX differentiators: Opportunities to create moments of delight for your customers.

Want to know more?

Get in touch at bto@honest.is. We'll be happy to provide you more information and discuss how Honest fits into your current CS workflows.

Sounds interesting but...?

You don't see your CS team or your company as "enterprise"

We don't define "enterprise" by the size of the company or its CS team, but by its mindset and how excited it is by the opportunity of taking its customer service operations to the next level, working with us in co-designing and co-creating solutions to the specific challenges of its market. If that sounds like your company, get in touch.

Your CS team is already using Salesforce, an in-house solution or something else

Honest doesn't replace your current CS stack or processes: our aim is to complement and augment them. We focus on the information retrieval and task execution parts of the agent's responsibilities, which are often underserved.

Our technical architecture is designed for extensibility and ease of integration. If in doubt, get in touch.